Are You a YouTube Educator? Turn Your Niche into Bestselling Books!

Disha Publication is excited to invite well-positioned YouTube influencers with popular channels and a significant follower base of students or aspirants of competitive exams (school exams, college entrance & government job exams) to join hands with us. At Disha, we wish to transform talented YouTube educators into established authors with the help of our expert teams in content and marketing. Our goal is to help you bring your expertise to a wider audience all across India, solidifying your position as a leading influencer and author. Together, we can create value by driving book sales and branding.

Why should you partner with Disha?
1. We help you become a coveted author.
2. Provide valuable help to your students in terms of a quality product.
3. Expose your product(s) to lakhs of aspirants.
4. Your name and followers on YouTube or other social handles grow.
5. You are able to monetize your student base and earn handsome royalty sitting at home.

Several leading YouTube educators have already partnered with Disha Publication and have become bestselling authors. Check out their books below. You could be the next success story!