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Atulesh Jha

Rank: AIR #131, UPSC 2021

  • Consistency is the Paramount of every successful journey!
  • Not reading NCERT is like gambling with an Exam.

Atulesh Jha UPSC 2021 Topper, AIR - #131. From first casual attempts to clearing UPSC, it's a story of Patience, Perseverance and Persistence.

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Arpit Gupta

Rank: AIR #54, UPSC 2021

  • Revision is the biggest pivotal point of this exam
  • “The purpose of this exam is very pure” If one cannot clear it, you can still become a better human being.

Arpit Gupta UPSC 2020 topper, AIR - #54. A journey to take dreams from the underprivileged strata of society to the service of the nation.

Rachit Kumar Gupta

Rank: AIR #286, UPSC 2021

  • “When you keep low expectations, magic happens”
  • UPSC is possible without paying hefty coaching fees.

Rachit Kumar Gupta UPSC 2021 topper, AIR - #286.  It did not matter how many years it takes or what job limitations he faced, he achieved the success he desired

Vaibhav Rawat

Rank: AIR #25, UPSC 2020 (2nd attempt)

  • "I did not study the newspaper during my preparation!"
  • Key to crack UPSC is to enjoy the process and not worry about the results!"

Vaibhav Rawat UPSC 2020 topper, AIR - #25. In an in-depth interview, Vaibhav Rawat reveals the true secrets of cracking the UPSC CSE exam.

Rahul Reddy

Rank: AIR #218, UPSC 2020

  • The examination is a three step elimination process which requires three different types of preparation.
  • Reading NCERT's is not essential to clear the exam.

Rahul Reddy UPSC 2020 topper, AIR - #218. In an in-depth interview, Rahul Reddy reveals his own personal insight on how to crack UPSC CSE exam.

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