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The courses revolve around 3 Pillars of Success in any competitive exam which are Self-study, Strategy & Study Techniques. Based on my 15 year experience & interaction with thousands of students, hundreds of Toppers & teachers, the courses shares lots of Tips & Techniques to give you a winning edge not only in exams but in life as well.

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About My books

  • The book is based on the success story of more than 100 Boards/JEE/NEET toppers whom the author has interviewed in the last 15 years.
  • The book busts the biggest myth that success is about studying HARD. Hard work should bring achievement but only when coupled with efficient and appropriate study techniques and proper strategy. This book is all about that.
  • The books covers wide range of topics like Planning, Goal setting, how to develop interest/concentration, bring focus and avoid distraction, how to sharpen problem solving, develop your own shortcuts, Exam taking strategy, and many more tips and techniques which have the capability to boost your preparation in a short period of time.
  • The book contains 100+ interesting stories and compelling case studies to make learning easy and impactful.
  • The book recapitulates and reinforces the basic strategies adopted by toppers and provides hundreds of tips and techniques to learn more in less time & with less stress.

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What Can This Book Do For You

Help You Set Up Goals and Make a Plan that Actually Works

Use Mobile Phone as a Productivity Booster

Reduce Silly Mistakes

Improve Concentation Power

Sharpen Your Problem Solving Ability

10X Your Revision Speed

Build focus & get rid of distractions

Improve speed, Strike Rate & your overall score

Teach You Test taking Strategies

+ Hundreds of other tips and techniques to score more marks with less stress and in lesser time.

About You Coach
Avinash Agarwal

Mr. Avinash Agarwal is a seasoned counsellor in the field of academics and life skills. He is a B-Tech in Computer Science followed by MBA from MDI, Gurgaon. Densely exposed to students, teachers and administrators in India as well as abroad, he has worked diligently for the transformation of classroom teaching. He is on a mission to empower millions of students by helping them reach their full potential and excel not only in exams but also in life.  In the last 15 years, he has taken hundreds of seminars and workshops touching the lives of lakhs of teachers and students. His recent book Topper Study Hacks is based on the success story of more than 100 Toppers of different competitive exams. Besides being a study coach, he is also a travel enthusiast and an avid sportsman.

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Avinash Agarwal

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Hi. I’m Avinash. 

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