10 Questions SMART Parents ask themselves.

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All parents want their children to make the most of their potential

They want their children to be

  • Organized
  • Self-disciplined
  • Focused
  • Responsible
  • An independent learner
  • On the right career path
  • Good Public Speaker and creative writer
  • Speak to elders with respect/Never Answerback
  • Feel Happy & Optimistic.
  • Accept mistakes & apologize
  • Staying motivated

But most parents face following problems with their Child

Cyber Addiction

Stage Fear

Zero Creativity

No Mood for Studies/ Directionless

Constant Whining and Back Talking

Peer pressure & Competition

Killing/Wasting time

Improper eating habits

As Parents we all know what is right for our child. But the Challenge is how to get it Implemented.

And you’ve tried endlessly to make your Child listen to you and You’re Confused about what you should do next & you feel like Giving Up…

But Do Not Worry. You are NOT Alone.



"Transformation Guaranteed"

The Unique and Powerful program to Transform your child equipping them with effective  and essential attributes for 21st century.

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Student success Blueprint is a unique and innovative programme to help students in the journey of scoring more marks, cracking exams, and achieving their Life Goals by developing growth mindset, building positive habits and learning Success Ready Skills

SSB focuses on 3 Key areas

Most of the parents think that the biggest challenges that they are facing regarding their kids are distraction, concentration, focus, junk food, screen time, discipline, not studying etc

But what most parents fail to realize is that they are mere symptoms or surface level problems. Root cause lies somewhere else. And unless we reach and treat the root cause of the problems, these symptoms will keep on coming in one form or other.

When you go deep and connect the dots backward you realize that all these problems revolve around the mindset, habits and skills. These problems occur when the mindset, habits and Skills of the child are not aligned to their goals

SSB focuses on: Mindset, Habits, and Success Ready Skills.


Cultivating a success mindset, and finding purpose in academics and beyond. If you have a winner mindset everything looks easy, exciting and full of opportunities


We are what our habits are. If you have positive habits staying focused, organized and disciplined automatically become a way of life

Success Ready Skills

  • Academic Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Creative Writing

When the alignment happens between body
(habits), mind (mindset) and actions (Skills) everything seems to be in flow and work happens with ease

"Nurture the Skills Today that Will Shape Your Child’s Tomorrow."


Power Pack tools for 100% Implementation
  •  Scoring high marks is very difficult”
  • Toppers have very high IQ
  • Hard work is the only way to success.
  • Coaching/Tuition is the only solution to your problems.
  • Academic performance is the only way to success.

“As Parents we all know what is right for our child. But the challenge is how to get it implemented.” - Avinash Agarwal

You’ve tried endlessly to make your Child listen to you But they don’t implement what you ask them  & you’re confused about what you should do next & you feel like Giving Up…” -
Avinash Agarwal

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I believe every student can be a Topper. It is just about aligning their Mindset & Habit towards their Goals” - Avinash Agarwal

Just remember if you change the direction of the plane/missile by just 1 degree it will land at a  totally different place”  -
Avinash Agarwal

“The earlier the change. The better and faster are the results.” - Avinash Agarwal

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Hi, I am Avinash Agarwal, a sportsman turned entrepreneur & now a Study Skill Coach

A Gen-Z parent, Study skill & Habit coach, mentor to JEE/NEET aspirants and author of “Toppers’ study hacks”, Bhagvad Gita for Parents & Students” and “How to raise a topper”, I have been working in the area of mentoring for over 15 years. Interviews with hundreds of toppers who have cracked different competitive exams have led me to understand the topper mindset. I believe that every child can be a topper and through my programmes i help students in the journey of scoring more marks, cracking exams, and achieving their Life Goals by with developing growth mindset, building positive habits and learning Success Ready Skills.

I am on a MISSION to help: 

Super Benefits & Growth Outcomes of SSB

Just 10 minutes a Day!!!


A Comprehensive Portfolio of your Child

Based on meticulously designed Assignments, highlighting your child’s personality, their interests, key strengths & weaknesses. This Portfolio will help you discover your child's personality & behaviour by showcasing their progress in a concrete manner.



Live Project Work

Based on a Live Project Work and Workshops, we aim to transform your children into a Creator from Cyber Consumers who are addicted to the digital screens. This Project Work, would showcase their talents and help them demonstrate their True Potential.


Future Career Path Analysis

Based on Psychometric Tests in the form of Fun Quizzes and Career Assessment. We’ll help you identify and choose your child’s Right Career, by exploring their interests and skill set. We will assist them in identifying their career options and provide you with their Career Blueprint.

Super Benefits of SSB

Just 10 minutes a Day!!!

  • Learn Toppers Study Secrets
  • Heightened Productivity
  • Master Advance Concentration & Focus Techniques
  • Identify Your Unique Talents
  • Identify Your Personality
  • Improve Personal Relationships
  • Stop Procrastination
  • Remain Happy & Excited

9 Pre Recorded

The pre-recorded sessions help to understand the journey ahead and focus on key points which will the lay the foundation for change

Live Sessions For 100% Implementation

This is the part where we go from effective study techniques.

  • 8 live sessions
  • 6 Support sessions
  • 2 parent sessions


Contains Assignments & Quizzes to find out strong and weak areas of your Child. Also helps in career Guidance & Planning

  • 10 Assignments
  • 1 Live Project work
  • Career Path Analysis

Here is what students are saying about us

Our customers love us

SSB course  indeed has brought in good values and positive changes in my son.

Saurabh Gupta

Mr. Avinash’s personal approach and attention to detail has indeed been very beneficial. We are grateful for his commitment to this noble cause.

Rekha Rajshekhar

Our son has become a better listener and keen observer. Additionally, we feel he has become more receptive to people and ideas now.

Archana Nayak

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Q: I don’t have the time to complete this course.

Ans: The Course takes just 10 minutes a day and lead you to guaranteed success.

Who can take this course?
Ans: SSB is designed for all the children from class 6th -12th

Q: I am not motivated to take this course.
Ans: The Unique program helps you not only Master Academics but also Excel in all areas of your life.

Q: How will I implement what is taught in this course?
Ans: You will get a wonderful opportunity to receive Counselling & Guidance from Renowned Career Guide & Mentor-Mr Avinash- Widely known for Creating the Toppers”

Q: How would I measure and monitor my child’s progress?
Ans: You will get-
Success Roadmap Blueprint Graphof your child. Based on personal success skills mandatory for 21st century student.

Future Career Path of your child- Based on meticulously designed psychometric tests & assignments.

Summary Of The Student Success Blueprint

9 Pre-recorded Modules

Live Sessions

2 Live Sessions + 6 Support live Sessions + 2 Parents Sessions



10 Assignments + Career Path Analysis + 1 Live Project

Launch Offer for first 25 Students

Rs.6999/- (You Save: ₹5000/-)


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