Take a step forward - Sahi DISHA Ki Ore’

How many times have you stopped and asked yourself - What's right and what's wrong before or after doing something? If you stop and listen to yourself, you’ll surely find the right way to act.

Many aspects of our lives test our strength as an empathetic human mind- caring, understanding and giving back to society. Let's take a step forward to touch each aspect of each other's lives and make life beautiful for all by doing what's RIGHT.

Disha wishes to initiate a social initiative to show the right direction to everyone to behave, act, respond and react’

What can you do?

You can make a big difference with a small change in your actions, reactions and perception. Disha believes in providing the right direction to young minds and diligent aspirants to fulfil their dreams. But it also understands its responsibility is much beyond that. It also aims to show the right direction to behave and respond.

Disha wants you to stop and introspect your actions and will guide you wherever you need better guidance. Follow us whenever you are in doubt, as we are the support system in your exam preparations, as well as in your life.

Come Join Us To Move Forward - ‘Sahi DISHA Ki Ore’

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