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Apart from Hard work/Subject Knowledge
Correct Strategy & Effective Study Techniques
are equally important to crack any exam

While most of the students spend countless number of hours studying and learning new things, they don’t realise that Hard work will give results only when coupled with right strategy and effective study techniques. The course Think and Study like a Topper has been designed keeping that in mind.

Course Curriculum

Goal Setting & Planning

Lesson 1: How Competitive Exams are different?

Lesson 2: Know your 'Why' - Why am I studying?

Lesson 3: Well-defined Goals

Lesson 4: Why is planning important

Lesson 5: Making a Phase-wise plan

Lesson 6: Planning - Making a Daily Plan

Lesson 7: Module Summary

Lesson 1: How sharp is your ability to concentrate

Lesson 2: How to develop interest in a subject

Lesson 3: How to develop a Focused Approach

Lesson 4: Tips to overcome distraction

Lesson 5: How to improve Concentration Lear

Lesson 6: Patience & Consistency is the key to develop interest

Lesson 7: What are Recency & Primacy Effects of Learning

Lesson 8: How to use mobile to boost your product

Lesson 9: What happens when you are 100% focused

Build a winner Mindset & never get Demotivated

Lesson 1: Mindset - What It Is

Lesson 2: How To Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Lesson 3: Steps To Reprogram Your Yourself

Lesson 4: Thinking Patterns Of A Topper- 01

Lesson 5: Thinking Topper Pattern-02

Lesson 6: Thinking Topper Pattern- 03

Lesson 7: Thinking Topper Pattern- 04 & 05

Lesson 8: Thinking Topper Pattern- 06 & 07

Lesson 9: Thinking Topper Pattern- 08 & 09

Lesson 10: Thinking Topper Pattern- 10 & 11

Lesson 11: Summary

Lesson 1: Scientific Approach To Learning

Lesson 2: Interaction Between Theory And Problem Solving

Lesson 3: Power Of Practice

Lesson 4: Grade Difficulty Level Of Questions

Lesson 5: All Subjects Are Equally Important

Lesson 6: Revision Methodology

Lesson 7: Topper's Method Of Revision

Lesson 8: Difference Between Deep Work And Shallow Work

Lesson 9: Mastering Self-Study

Lesson 1- Habits- Power of Habits

Lesson 2- Habit Building- Build Systems and not goals

Lesson 3- How to build better habits and destroy bad habits

Lesson 4- Stage 1 of Habit Building

Lesson 5- Stage 2 of Habit Building

Lesson 6- Stage 3 of Habit Building

Lesson 7- Habit Formula in Action

Lesson 8- Tips to make habit journey easy - 01

Lesson 9- Tips to make habit journey easy - 02

Lesson 10- Module Summary

Lesson 1: How To Make Notes Like Toppers

Lesson 2: Topper Productivity Hacks - 01

Lesson 3: Topper Productivity Hacks - 02

Lesson 4: Topper Productivity Hacks - 03

Lesson 5: Using Mobile Phone As A Productivity Booster - 01

Lesson 6: Using Mobile Phone As A Productivity Booster - 02

Lesson 7: Bonus Tip To Increase Your Productivity

Principles of Time Management & How to cover backlogs?

Lesson 1: A Productivity Booster

Lesson 2: How To Monitor Time Productivity

Lesson 3: What Are Our Blackholes And How To Identify Them

Lesson 4: What Kind Of Blackholes A Student has

Lesson 5: Get Hold Of Every Second- Time Is Money

Lesson 6: Tips To Cover Backlogs

Lesson 7: What Are The Reason For Backlogs

Lesson 1: Introduction, tips and techniques to get into state of Deep Work 

Lesson 2: What is deep work and shallow work? 

Lesson 3: How do we do deep work? 

Lesson 4: Hacks to get into the state of Deep work Part 1 

Lesson 5: Hacks to get into the state of Deep work Part 2

01: No Planning

02: Complain of Poor Concentration Power

03: Not Focused/ Get Distracted

04: Run After quantity

05: Lack of Consistency

06: Does not Move out of comfort zone

07: Half Hearted approach towards studies

08: Ignore self study

09: Learning more concepts and postpones revision

10: Does not practice producing output

01: Case study and paper Analysis of a student

02: 5 ideas to Reduce Silly Mistakes

03: How to tackle Un attempted Questions

04: Develop a balanced Exam Strategy

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Live sessions would be conducted in August and September The details of the live sessions would be shared with all registered students


Study skill and Habit Coach for Students

A Gen-Z parent, Study skill & Habit coach, mentor to JEE/NEET aspirants, and author of “Toppers’ study hacks”, Success blueprint for competitive exams” and “How to raise a topper”, Avinash Agarwal has been working in the area of mentoring for over 15 years. Interviews with hundreds of toppers who have cracked different competitive exams have led him to understand the topper mindset. He believes that every child can be a topper and through his programs he helps students in the journey of scoring more marks, cracking exams, and achieving their Life Goals by with developing growth mindset, building positive habits and learning effective study techniques.


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