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About the Product

Developing Good Habits & Positive Attitude among children is the biggest challenge in front of Teachers/Parents/Schools. In spite of numerous efforts by the parents & teachers, children lack have basic manners/Life skills such as:

●    Speaking to the elders with respect/Never Answerback

●    Helping others & sharing.

●    Not being jealous of others.

●    Being sensitive to nature (take care of plants)

●    Being aware of the environment (wasting water, electricity, food)

●    Feeling happy, grateful & optimistic.

●    Accepting their mistakes & apologize.

The question is how to get it done and the answer is


A unique tool to Plan, Learn, Track & Develop GOOD HABITS in your children.

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How does it work?

My Growth Planner builds Good Habits/Life Skills through GOAL based approach:

  • Every month the child picks up 5-6 Goals (from Goal Matrix) and tries to achieve them on a daily basis(15 days/month). He marks the completed goals in Monthly planner on a daily basis.
  • After completing the current month’s goals, the child moves on to new goals for next month. Previous goals would already be part of the child's habits.
  • In a nutshell, even if the child is able to develop 10-12 Good habits in a year, the Game is WON.

Apart from skill-based goals, the planner is also rich in other activities and engaging tools:

  • Life of my Role Model - your child gets inspired and learn from successful people.
  • Today was great because - it enhances positive behavior in the child
  • Logic booster puzzles - help build logical skills that bolster your child’s decision-making power.

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How MyMGP Work

Step 1.Every month select Goals from Goal Matrix.

Geeks Image

Goal Matrix

Step2.Fill your Goals in Monthly Goal Planner.

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Monthly Goal Planner

Step 3.Fill(Make Today Awesome Sheet)& mark Goals complete in Monthly Growth Planner.

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Make Today Awesome

Advantages of using My Growth Planner

  • Helps develop Good Habits and Manners
  • Builds a positive attitude and Optimism in Life
  • Enhances Logical/critical Thinking skills
  • Builds vocabulary and develops creative writing skills
  • The child gets inspired by learning more about your Role Models
  • The student decides his/her Goals so a sense of ownership is there, which leads to higher adaption & completion rate.
  •  Daily accomplishments build pride & in turn, the child becomes more confident and happy about his/ her progress which ultimately leads to better academic performance.

How MGP Changed Their Child's Life

    Priyanshu's mother was worried that he has become really lazy over the past few months. No school = no physical activity. His mother's friend recommended My Growth Planner to her. She bought it and left it on Priyanshu's table. He saw it and got curious but soon lost interest.
    His uncle visited the next day and Priyanshu loves him to pieces. Uncle explained and made Priyanshu realise that our future is dependent on habits that we form today.
    He asked him to follow the My growth Planner for one month which he religiously did. When Priyanshu noticed that after one month, his English has gotten better and his teachers raved about it in the PTM, it made him so happy that now he follows the planner without missing a day.
    Neil recently hit his pre-teens and his parents are worried that he's becoming more and more disrespectful towards the elders of the family. They asked his teacher about the same and she gave them 'My growth Planner'
    It was initially difficult to convince Neil to use the planner but then him mum had the idea of gifting it to all his friends and asked Neil to invite over his friends every weekend to discuss their daily sheets from the 'My Growth Planner'.
    Since it became a group project, Neil and his pre-teen group enjoyed their discussions and even compared the number of good habits they've inculcated.
    After a month, when all the families met for brunch and discuss their respective children’s growth, they were surprised by the sea change they all noticed in their children. All of them thanked Neil’s mother who herself gives all the credit to the My growth planner.
    Riya's father was worried when his wife got sick and bedridden. Riya, who is in class 2, is dependent on her mother for every little thing. His father, who works full-time, stumbled upon 'My Growth planner' on the net and after reading its benefits, he reasoned that it is cheaper than a family-sized pizza and went ahead to buy it.
    Just within a week, he saw that Riya has started brushing her teeth twice every day. She has also stopped biting her pencils. Just yesterday, Riya's dad found her reading a bedtime story to her mother and told her that she'll get better soon; his eyes teared up a bit on this site.
    He wrote a Thank you letter to the creators of ‘My Growth Planner’ and said that this little book helped his little girl achieve milestones in their difficult time and it has made his wife really happy.

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